Rima Macionyte
Top Stylist
    Rima was born and raised in Lithuania, the Baltic states, where she studied geography and tourism at the University of Lithuania. After her second year of university, in 2007, she took a Lash training course and started doing lashes right away. After graduatingfrom college, she started working at a travel agency as a supervisor and sales associate (still doing lashes on the side). Soon she realized that she enjoyed doing lashes more than the career she had spent four years studying for, so she quit her tourism job and started to do lashes full time. As she followed her heart, Rima decided to dive in head on and got her license as an aesthetician. As she says,"if you're really good at something, focus on it", so no nails or makeup, just skin care and lashes. A few years later she started her own lash company in Lithuania where she sold lash products and also taught new students the art of eyelash extensions. In 2016 after visiting her friend in Miami several times, Rima sold her lash company to her partner and moved to Miami also fulfilling her dream to travel, learn English, meet people and to grow as a person. Once in Miami Rima studied one year at Florida Medical College to get her Medical aesthetics license. Then, as best said by Rima herself: "I came to Alexandra, liked her, and her strict requirements on eyelash services. I feel we are on the same boat! I like the climate she creates at the studio (which is very important to provide good quality service) and I started successfully working at Sultry Eyes Lash Studio with a wonderful team! Hope to see many happy clients!"