What are eyelash extensions ?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic pieces of hair that have been made to replicate real eyelashes. They are thicker on the bottom and thinner and tapered on top. They are always attached to your natural lashes, one extension to one natural lash. They are attached with medical grade adhesive that was made specifically for this procedure.

Do they need maintenance and why ?

​Yes, Relashes should be done every 2-3 weeks according to your lifestyle and how you take care of your lashes. All hair in our body goes through a few shedding cycles and research has shown that we lose about 1/4 of our lashes every 2 weeks, depending on our individual hair cycle. At this time we replace any lash extension that looks less that perfect and attach a new extension where ever there is one missing.

Does it hurt ?

Absolutely not. Most of our clients actually fall asleep in our relaxing atmosphere, unless having an entertaining conversation. The procedure feels close to the sensation of someone playing with your hair.​

How long does the procedure take ?

The procedure takes from 1 hr to 2 1/2 hrs. Depending on your choice of set. Our Mascara Set (half set, this is 40 lashes on each eye), a very subtle look, takes 1 hr to complete. Our Luscious Set takes 2hrs to complete, this is 80 lashes on each eye. Most popular set, the Sultry Set takes 2 1/2 hrs to complete, in this set the stylist tastefully attaches a lash on every single lash, usually over 100 lashes per eye. Remember we always attach one extension to one natural lash to avoid natural lash damage. All sets are customized to each individual.

How long do eyelash extensions last ?

​This is a luxury service that requires maintenance. Relashes should be done every 2-3 weeks, depending on you lifestyle and how you take care of you lashes. As long as you continue with the Relashes you can have Eyelash extensions indefinitely.

How do I take care of my extensions?

​The most important rules are:

1. You CAN NOT wet your lashes for the first 48 hrs after application, this includes new sets as well as Relashes.

2. No oil based products around your eyes at all, anytime! Oil breaks down the adhesive.

3. Only use LINT FREE products on your lashes, (we retail anything you need), but no tissues, no cotton. Tissues and cotton have lint that can pull on your lashes or get stuck and bother you later.

4. No rubbing your eyes, as this can make you pull out your lashes and might feel uncomfortable.

5. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, try sleeping on your back at least for the first 2 nights.

**As you get used to your lashes, these will be second nature and you won’t think about these things. They will be part of your routine.

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes ?

At Sultry Eyes Lash Studio, we follow the safest guidelines. Our Master Stylist is a National trainer for Xtreme Lashes, and they have actually figured out that how to do lash eyeslash extensions in a way that wont damage your lashes. The final result will depend on your natural lashes. We will never do something to harm your natural lashes. You do not want to overweight your natural lashes by attaching extensions that are too long or too thick. All of our Stylists are trained by Xtreme Lashes and they will advise you with your individual results prior to application. So no, not anybody can have Kim Kardashian lashes. Technically, yes, it can be done but if your lashes are smaller and weaker this can definitely damage your lashes.

How do I prepare for my eyelash extensions ?

Make sure that you come prepared.​ Come to your session without any makeup or creams. Make sure that your hair is clean, as it will be difficult to wash later without wetting the lashes. Also make sure that if you wear contacts lenses, that you wear regular glasses that day and the following 48 hrs, this is to avoid any irritation during the procedure and to avoid wetting your lashes while reapplying the contacts.

  • After going to another shop in town for my lashes and them coming out terribly, I went online and fortunately found Alexandra. I just had my appt with her and all I can say is WOW! My lashes are beautiful and done perfectly. I am so happy I found her and she was able to fix the mess I had on my lashes. I cant wait until my next appointment so I can get more lashes put on!!!

    -Rosanna L.

  • Yamit is the girl that did my make up for an important audition! I was recommended to her and saw the picture of what she has done and it was beautiful. So i gave it a try and i was right to follow my instinct. I'm an actress and a model and get make up very often but Yamit was by far the best make up artist i ever went through. The result was stunning! I literally didn't want to take it off at night! And guess what, i got the part i auditioned for!!! I would recommend her to anybody! She knows how to enhance your beauty. I call that a beauty designer!!!!

    -Noa A.

  • If you are looking for an elite, 5 star location to get your eyelashes done I recommend this place with my eyes closed . Yamit is the go-to girl there. Extremely knowledgable and professional. She knows her thing and puts you at ease and trust me, you couldn't be in better hands. You will walk out of there turned into a Bombshell ! I've known her for years, and also have had facials done with her. Worth every penny guaranteed. 🙂

    -Helena B.

  • Service at Sultry Eyes is amazing. Laura Davis was incredible. They look great and is very relaxing. They look natural and people will complement you on your eyelashed. Highly recommend the serice and Laura.

    -A Robert M.​

  • Alexandra does the best brows ever! I am 36 years old and have lived in LA and NY where there is a vast selection of stylist and hands down she is Amazing. My brows are so precise, yet natural...We also let part of one of my eyebrows grow in based on her recommendation and now for the first time in a decade I have symmetric brows. Thank you Alexandra!

    -Nicole E.

  • I was looking for a gift for my girlfriend for our two year anniversary , and a buddy of mine told me about this lash studio that puts lash extensions and how hot his girlfriend looked after. I got a gift certificate for my girlfriend and it was well worth it. It´s amazing how some extra lashes on my girlfriends eyes makes her look so much sexier than she already is. Highly recommend this place, worth every penny. Do it guys!!!


  • Sultry always take my appointments as well as all my clients i refer there and i have never had a problem... alexandria teaches others across the states how to apply, so most likely you are going to people who have been trained by her. she is the real deal, you get what you pay and i have gone to plenty of places! from the quality of the lashes to each lash separation and the glue and application is from a master!! i have my lashes underneath they never rip off and I´ve had them on for a year now!.. hands down the best lash expert not only on the beach but all of US.

    -Sofia W.

  • I have been Alexandra´s client for nearly 2.5 years now and have only positive experience. I travel a lot a had my eyelashes done with many other stylists , and she is definitely the BEST. Going to her salon is always an amazing and relaxing experience, I actually take a nap while getting my lashes done! They have very convenient way of making an appointment online , and always call and remind you day before the appointment. If you want gorgeous eyelash extensions this is def the place to go.

    -Ketevan V.

  • Alex is a true pro...She spends about 10 to 15 minutes cleaning your lashes prior to starting the process, which makes such a difference in how long the newly applied extensions last. She is also an Xtreme "trainer," which means she flies around the country teaching classes (note: make your appointments in advance because of this! Not only is she in-demand, but she has to travel for these classes once in a while). If you feel like chatting, she´ll talk...if you want to nap, she won´t say a word. The studio is so relaxing that I have fallen asleep during my lashes so many times. Parking can be annoying in the area if you go on a Saturday morning, because there are a bunch of yoga studios, restaurants and gyms down the street- but most of the time it´s not bad. That´s really my only complaint! My lashes last longer than ever, and they look very natural.

    -S. B.

  • I have been having my eyelash extensions done by Alexandra, the owner for almost 3 year. She is the very best because she is as much a perfectionist as I am. I doubt anyone is as particular and neurotic about eyelash extensions as me. She is always patient and completely follows all my picky requests. Alex really is a true eyelash extension specialist. The studio uses exclusively Xtreme brand lash products and that company is the most premier and exclusive in the business. If you want your lashes done perfectly you need to see Alexandra at her studio, which is very tranquil and spa like with fountains and relaxing music on a second floor location away from noise and traffic. This is a growing trend and so many people are calling themselves lash stylists these days it´s easy to get bad, damaging lashes. I have never had any issues in 3 years with eyelash loss. I recommend Alex 100%!!!

    -Lindsay R.